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Educational Services

Please note that at the moment Michael's live appearances are only available on weekends.

Virtual Cartooning Lessons

Please note, The VIRTUAL CARTOONING LESSONS fall under the Private Tutoring described below. Any topics listed below can be used in this sale.

* You are welcome to purchase as many classes at the SALE price of $35 per lesson. When the number of classes purchased ends any continuing courses return to the original price of $50 a class.

* Group prices can be purchased on a discounted price depending on the amount of students. Please contact me with the amount of students and I will get back to you with the rate. There is also a special Family Group Rate which includes up to a family of 5 members.

* Please note this SALE. does not include my Lecture/Demos or Mentorships.

Lectures & Demos

Private Tutoring


Having over 20+ years professional art experience with over 15 of those years in education, I continue to share my knowledge through guest speaking. Whether K-12, college, corporate, or conventions I guest speak on these topics:

Comics & Cartoon Art

• Visual Storytelling

• Character Design​

* Libraries, every year I develop new programming based on Summer themes.

Private tutoring is a one hour virtual session. Topics include but are not limited to:


• Visual Storytelling

• Character Design​

• Illustration

• Making Comics

• Animation (Students will need access to their own software)

• Adobe CC

• Portfolio Review (High School, College, and Professional)

The mentorship is a 4 - 8 week program developed specifically to your needs. The mentorship are made for people who already have the art skills but need help building their own creative projects and/or portfolio pieces.

• Illustration

• Making Comics

Making an Animated Short (Students will need access to their own software)

I also offer consulting services to schools to help develop classes, workshops, and more.

Please CONTACT me for more information.

James, Librarian

"Michael's illustration harkens back to a pure strain of cartooning, intuitive, unrestrained, and humorous."
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