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About Michael Grassia


Michael’s passion for the cartoon medium has started very early in his life. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil and became serious about learning his craft at eight years old. His passion has never disappeared and continues to be constantly amazed and inspired by the medium. Michael's professional career spans over two decades, with his first job as a concept artist and animator for a Westchester

based educational software company way back in 1994 when he was eighteen years old. Since then Michael has worked in a variety of creative fields including illustration, animation, graphic design, video production, and puppetry.

A lot has been said about Michael's style. He embraces the modern while paying homage to all who came before. Children love it as do adults that are transported back to their youth. Give Michael a pencil and it becomes his magic wand which he waves across the 

paper making the silly come alive.

Over the years Michael has worked on and created many comics. Michael is best know for his comic Plunger Pup about a dog that fights crime with a magic plunger and his online newspaper style strip, The Wiz which has been on hiatus since June 2019. The Wiz will be returning very soon and you can fallow the comic here on Facebook and on instagram.

Michael is also an educator sharing his art with children of all ages. He has taught, guest lectured, and created art courses on the college level. Michael developed GET IN TOON! an educational cartooning program that he travels to schools, libraries, camps, and more inspiring children to create their own cartoon characters and worlds. You can find out more about GET IN TOON! here. In addition Michael is a regular fixture at comic book conventions working and running kid sections.

Since June 2020, Michael created GET IN TOON! LIVE which can be viewed live on his Facebook page here and YouTube page here every Tuesday night at 8:30pm Eastern. On GET IN TOON! LIVE Michael interviews artists, writers, and other creative people that work in the cartoon world. Like and follow him on his social media sites for updates.


No matter what Michael does cartooning is always in the forefront. When he is not working Michael loves to spend time with his wife and cat in their Westchester home.

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GET IN TOON! is Michael's educational programming which he brings to schools, libraries, camps, comic conventions, and trade shows. Through the GET IN TOON! workshops (developed by Michael) the auidence will learn how to cartoon, develop sand write tories, create characters, make comics, understand the animation process. You can find out more information at

Michael also has a podcast called GET IN TOON! where he interviews creatives in the cartoon world. It airs every Tuesday night at 8:30pm EST. You can view past podcasts here.

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